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Revelations of an intricate mind intensified on a screen.


Today I write:

Not out of inspiration or due to excitement but simply to quiet the voices in my head.

Incessant chatter that speaks of my insecurities, short comings and poor choices, I refuse to let them control me, depress me or drag me into the sunken place….

Completely done with anyone or anything that makes me feel less than.

Soy suficiente. J’en ai assez. I am enough. 

Bold enough to live my life on my terms.

Smart enough- to achieve every goal imaginable!

The billions of atoms in my body came together and made a beautiful piece of art.

I am woman enough, to love and be loved

Worthy of all the good things as some may say and definitely not settling for anything less.

As far as life takes me, and whatever is in store thereafter will find me deserving…. For I am enough




Person of Interest

Pain introduced itself masked in beauty. 

Eyes golden as the evening sun seeking entry to my soul…

Hair black and defiant, broad shoulders and the height of a god. 

I drink from his lips dripping nectar, slowly intoxicated….

Sculpted arms, sly smile- irresistible.

With his expert hands, rhythmic hips and perfect timing, I melt into him.

I am not the victim- there was no gun to my head. 

I let him have me and every minute was worth the impending agony.

Unrequited Love

It took courage….to tell you how I really felt. To finally drop the mask I wore for so long. To look into your eyes and tell you that: 

I hate going a day without hearing your voice, feeling your palm against my cheek and just simply being around you. 

I smiled then continued to say how your laughter is my favorite sound, and how much I love hearing about your day and talking to you is my favourite pasttime.

Lost in euphoria, as I finally got to say it out loud and the words rolled off my tongue just like I practiced: “I love you.” 

What seemed like an eternity passed while you sat in shock….finally breaking the awkward silence to express you didn’t feel the same way.

I tried to keep my composure as I sat there vulnerable. 

A tear escaped my eye, maybe it was my heart’s way of asking why? How could you not love me…? My soul laid shattered beneath me. I tried to speak only to hear my voice break-

My breath stopped involuntarily and my mind shut off, unable to hear whatever explanation you were trying to give….it was simply useless at this point. 

I sit here undone, for it’s human to love and even more human to hurt….And love’s not supposed to hurt! To feel your heart quake because they don’t say “it” back and you can’t unring the bell and go back to how things were.

Then again, why would you want to if you know they don’t love you too? 


What makes you you? 

Go ahead- take the time and think about it? 

What is it about you that makes you different from the people you share this planet with? Write them down if you have to.

Accept your awkwardness, unaligned teeth, free spirit, the fact that you snort when you laugh and your messy hair. Love the skin you’re in, your flaws are actually what makes you so great.

We accept every other species and appreciate what they are and are not, but what about ourselves? Humans need to lighten up and eliminate barriers of skin color, hair type, sexual preference (as long as it’s between consenting adults), educational status, religious beliefs, classes and cultural backgrounds etc. 

We are sexual beings who taboo sex and pretend like it’s such a shameful thing! Own your sexuality, indulge in whichever styles and fetishes you love, enjoy what makes you happy. Eat the cake- salads never made anyone truly satisfied, do your makeup everyday, go to the gym, adopt a pet, go on a road trip, dye your hair blue! Whatever rocks your boat- revel in your YOUness. Decide to be happy, it’s a journey only you can decide to take.

Let your inner beauty outshine your outer beauty. Kill them with grace, baffle them with wisdom and realize that you are incomparable. Speak with authority, your voice needs to be heard, you are not just another drop in the puddle.

Define yourself…..Know your limits and maximize on your strengths. Associate yourself with people who are excited about your goals and push you in that direction. 

Find your purpose and make it a reality everyday, afterall, You decide how you will be remembered. Step out of your comfort zone, if you want it badly enough, MAKE IT HAPPEN…..excuses are in the mind. If you can convince your mind, you can overcome anything. 

Life is unpredictable and too short to not live it to the fullest. Own your emotions, take life one day at a time and if you fall remember that you’re human, don’t be so hard on yourself, get back up and go at it again.


It’s exhausting to pretend that there’s nothing wrong…..

Trying to play my cards just right, following suit and praying to whomever or which ever force up there that they don’t call my bluff. 

It’s a cycle and I’m dizzy from this circular realm of monotony

Day in, day out: the same.

I refuse to go with the flow.

I have questions, No one has answers.

They say it’s complex but truth is everything can be made simple.

My mind explores the possibilities and explodes into a million pieces too big to fit into your tiny circle…. 

No longer conflicted by the folly I learnt so well or the repetitions of “truth” taught at an impressionable age…. 

Change comes:

Brain cells pulsating, blood gushing, tears running, body heaving, sweat pouring, tissue tearing, cries of pain-

Everything goes black for a minute, an eerie silence follows

She combusts into a black flame,

Dancing slowly, fueled by determination, gaining ground as she moves, unable to be extinguished by the ignorance of simple folk.

Heart no longer hard with resentment, having expectations only of herself, enlightened, inspired and relentless in her pursuit of life

Change is welcomed.

Her aura is serene. She is complete…..And she is more herself now than she ever was before.

When life gives you lemons 

Who cares about lemons unless there’s vodka involved or some DIY skin care regiment?? 
I know, I know, that’s not what it means. But truth be told, there’s no telling if they’re worth the hustle and bustle. 

For one, they might not be ripe – “So um what do I do now?”. 

They may be rotten and rotten citrus isn’t pleasant, I’ll just throw them at people that piss me off.

They may be ripe but small and no in this case, less is not more. What’s the point of them if there’s little or no juice? 

They may look perfect but are sour on the inside like many of the people we encounter in life’s journey- and let me tell you from experience, they ARE NOT worth it!

*Thinks about other conditions lemons come in…*

They may be asymmetric. Not the most appealing to the eyes but still functional…filled with tangy juice and zest.Thick skinned and able to handle the ups and downs, the beatings from life, recover and bruises and still get the job done. Those are the best kind.

P.s Keep the lemons, I prefer chocolate cake! 😁

Quest for…

Take me now and leave me never

Will me to be thine, and we shall be.

Cast aside all your doubts and fears

For I shall never let you know pain.

Devour me in the darkness you possess and entangle me in your mind’s web.

Let me soothe your weary being and cradle your tender heart.

I wait- indefinitely.

I desire to be with thee…..

Heaven’s masterpiece,

Love personified – 

One eternally.

Love’s Wager

I refuse to crown you with thorns for love should never know pain

A harmony of truthfulness, affection and sincere gratitude is laid upon thine head

I crack my chest and bleed my soul’s cry to you

What doth hither thee from loving me?

From taking my burdens upon you…?

Fulfill my heart’s desire and return the borrowed love,

Clasp my weary soul in thine

Restore to me my pride and remove this anguish

Pierce not my side with envy but establish my virtue.

Put upon my head a veil of understanding meshed with forgiveness and

let us bask in the millennium in this thing called love.


The eighth wonder of the world, Crafted to perfection

Dipped in caramel, lavender scented – I am WOMAN.

Enchanting. Innovative. Epitome of Strength. Virtuous.

More than a state of matter for she never ceases to exist.

Her soul is timeless.

Having the power to sway beyond her knowledge

She caused the world to fall and no one has been able to get up since.

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